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MapServer for Windows - MS4W

Welcome to MS4W, the no fuss installer for setting up MapServer on Microsoft Windows platforms. The purpose of this package is to allow all levels of MapServer users to quickly install a working environment for MapServer development on Windows. It is also an environment for packaging and distributing MapServer applications.

Target Audience

MS4W can meet a wide variety of needs by supporting:

  • Organizations who want to distribute preconfigured MapServer applications that will run out of the box
  • Developers who want to set up a stable development environment quickly
  • Trainers who need an easily installed configuration that is identical across multiple machines
  • Novices who need help just getting all the various bits and pieces together


The basic MS4W package installs a preconfigured Web Server environment that includes the following components:

  • Apache HTTP Server version 2.2.22
  • PHP version 5.4.3
  • MapServer CGI 6.0.3
  • MapScript 6.0.3 (CSharp, Java, PHP, Python)
  • Includes support for Oracle 11g, and SDE data (if you have associated client/dlls)
  • MrSID support built-in
  • GDAL/OGR 1.9.1 and Utilities
  • MapServer Utilities
  • PROJ Utilities
  • Shapelib Utilities
  • Shp2tile Utility
  • Shpdiff Utility
  • AVCE00 Utilities
  • OGR/PHP Extension 1.0.0
  • OWTChart 1.2.0

Additional MS4W Packages

Many of the projects hosted at are now available as MS4W install packages. They can be found on either the MS4W downloads page or on each project's own download page.

Latest Version

The latest release of MS4W is version 3.0.6 (May 26, 2012). Download Now!


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Professional Support

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